About Me

My passion has always been Money & Football. From the age of 16 I managed to get my hands on a football coupon, I would sit alongside a friend and predict results for fun whilst my friend would be throwing money away on the real thing. Each Saturday I would go around to their house and predict the outcomes of the mainstream football games whilst watching the results live on TV. It turned out I wasn’t actually that bad and this became a regular occasion. This was just for fun but I started to realise that I would be making profit each week if I was actually placing the bets. It was from this moment I knew this is what I wanted to do!

So when I turned 18 I started to throw money at the coupons myself! I got myself an online betting account and started to focus more on In-Play bets & pre match doubles/Trebles. This became my life, my friends would go out and party whilst I would spend all day in front of a computer screen studying football games and all the boring stats. I took each day as it came recording my profit/loss. I made lots of money but I also lost lots of money. But the most important thing for me is that I was learning and gaining experience within the industry.

By the time I had turned 19 I had experienced what it felt like to chase a loss and lose a big sum, but I had learnt from it and I became disciplined. A few weeks after my 19th birthday I quit my job after I was confident enough to be able to turn over a living each month from sports betting alone! As you could imagine my parents weren’t happy and this is when I had to be honest and tell them that I had profited over £10,000 from a year’s worth of gambling at sensible ‘ish’ stakes. At this point I now find myself staking hundreds of pounds and sharing my tips on a free Facebook page where I would go on to gain a decent following with tonnes of great feedback!

A few months later I was approached by bookmakers to include affiliate links with my tips. This would mean that I would get commission every time someone signed up to their website through my link and I would also profit from my followers losses. NO CHANCE was I going to do this which is why I know find myself with a private twitter page and a small fee to gain access to my tips instead. This means I can continue to provide genuine tips without any catch. I now have years of experience and knowledge within gambling and I can be confident that I will NEVER be associated with any bookmaker!

What I do?

I put in all the boring hard work so you don’t have to! I post tips every day till late. I cannot promise a set number of tips each day as I focus on quality over quantity. I work from a researched shortlist each day and then have to wait on games to develop and odds to hit. I look at a range of factors affecting the game, such as:

  • History between the two teams
  • League positions/Form
  • Player suspensions/Injuries
  • Player satisfaction/Motivation (this can be hard to find but can be a huge factor on mind-set)
  • Style of Play
  • Pitch conditions (Is it an Artificial pitch? How big is the pitch? Is it in good condition?)
  • League standard
  • Weather
  • And many more, some in which I can’t give away!

Once you become a member you will also have access to my staking guide to give recommendations on how to bet smart with your pot and give you the best chance of regular Long Term profit. I advise on sensible stakes and only betting what you can afford to lose. It’s very important not to get carried away and be patient, wait for the tips to come to you, there is no rush in gambling!






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